The Allergy Impact

$21 billion

The annual cost of allergies in the US.

$3 billion

The annual indirect costs of allergies in the U.S. (missed work or school, lost productivity, etc.).


The percentage of the US population (and your workforce) who have allergies.

The 5th

most-common cause of workplace absenteeism and the leading cause of workplace "presenteeism."

We partner with doctors and corporations to improve the health of allergy sufferers in the US.

$18 billion

The annual direct cost of allergies, including doctor office visits and allergy medications.

Allergy Solutions brings long-term relief for allergy sufferers and improves financial health for our client doctors and companies through proven-safe and effective allergy-care services.

What we do.

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Discover how our turnkey allergy service  improves the profitability of your practice through excellent allergy-care services for your patients.

Reduce the financial impact of allergies on your bottom line by increasing the health and productivity of allergy sufferers in your workforce.

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